Des Moines Festivals & Shows

Des Moines Festivals & ShowsThe capital city status and Midwestern charm of Des Moines make it the perfect city for festivals and festival goers. Meet your friends or make new ones at a music, art, pancake or beer festival. Our handpicked list is sure to make choosing your next festival an easy mark on the calendar.

Renaissance Faire
The "Age of Enlightenment" is about to dawn on the Des Moines Renaissance Faire for three weeks of royal jester fun and games and food! Festival goers make new friends with village knights, jousters, blacksmiths, glass blowers, potters, wood carvers and painters. Come hungry and feast on baked goods, smoked meats and roasted nuts and peanuts!

Address: 4051 Dean Ave, Des Moines, IA 50317 - MAP
Phone: (515) 262-4100

Raise a glass at Oktoberfest, the popular festival turns downtown Des Moines into the largest bar in the world. Festival goers drink lots and lots of ice cold German beer, eat German food and check out bier maidens and dance a lot of polka! Come celebrate a beery good time!

Address: Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 371-4742

Latino Heritage Festival
Celebrate a cultural heritage at the Latino Heritage Festival, held in downtown Des Monies. Eat Empanadas de Chorizo y Pollo con Ensaldita de Repollo and other authentic Latin cuisines. Watch beautiful dancers from the Caribbean, Brazil and Mexico perform in colorful traditional costumes. Come enjoy the heart of soul of the Latin culture.

Address: Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 279-0715

Iowa State Fair
Where's the beef? It's at the Iowa State Fair, also home to the famous annual Butter Cow Sculptures tradition. You'll be attending the official state fair where the state shows off its agriculture might. For 11 days, there is a corral full of indoor and outdoor exhibits, rides, craft shows, musical acts and wild attractions.

Address: 3000 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50317 - MAP
Phone: (515) 262-3111

World Food Festival
"Taste your way around the world" at the World Food Festival at Des Moines. Last year's count says 32,000 foodie festival goers tasted foods from around the world at Cultural Cafe's, enjoyed live entertainment and watched fabulous cooking demonstrations. Special to the event is its highlight of flavors from local mom and pop restaurants!

Address: Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 286-4949

Art Festival
Don't miss out on the chance to celebrate everything art fantastic at the Des Moines Art Festival, winner of the Grand Pinnacle Award from the International Festivals & Events Association. Artsy festival goers take in the works of the best visual artists in the nation, listen to live music and watch performing arts at the annual two day event.

Address: 700 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309 - MAP
Phone: (515) 286-4927